Dr. Lama Hassan Abu Assi​

Dr Lama Abu Assi

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Dr Lama obtained her dental surgery degree from Sharjah University. She is a highly qualified dentist with extensive knowledge and experience in different dental treatments. After completing her degree she practiced dentistry in all of its fields. She is a cosmetic dentist certified by the British academy of implant and restorative dentistry .

Dr Lama has experience in treating all age categories with effective methods to minimize the pain making the dental visits as comfortable as possible for patient satisfaction ,using the most recent methods to deliver the best dental care for her patients while ensuring patients safety. Experienced in delivering best oral care to children with the use of modern behavioral management strategies. She provides dental treatments including both curative and aesthetic dentistry with experience in different prosthodontic treatment options such as veneers, crowns , bridges and variety of other treatments in the dental field.

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