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Dental & Dermatology Services

No two people are alike, and each client has different goals. Our aim is to give the best advice possible, and perform the most appropriate treatment or procedure based on the merits of each specific case. Icon Clinic has a long-established and highly respected doctors and surgeons in Abu Dhabi.

Our state-of-the-art Dental Clinic provides exceptional Dental Care; offering a wide range of services using the latest technologies to deliver the best Aesthetic & Dental Rehabilitation procedures.

Here at Icon Clinic – Abu Dhabi, we offer an elite range of aesthetic, cosmetic, and clinical dermatology treatments that address various aesthetic concerns and medical conditions. We know beauty.

Whether it is face, breast, body, or skin, at Icon Clinic we have the solution to your most pressing aesthetic concerns. Browse our complete selection of services, and start planning your most beautiful body today.

Our Doctors

Knowing that Dental Care, Cosmetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries are collaborative journeys,
Our Doctors take the time to fully understand you so that we can help you achieve the results you desire.
Dr. Rawand Pic

Dr. Rawand M. R. Naji

General Dentist, Medical Director
Speaks English & Arabic

Dr. Tetiana-Terzi Icon Clinic

Dr. Tetiana Terzi

Specialist Dermatologist
Speaks English & Russian

Dr. Mira H. Sarris

Dr. Mira H. Sarris​​

General Dentist
Speaks English & Arabic

Dr Mohammed AlTatari

Dr. Mohammed AlTatari

General Dentist
Speaks English, Arabic & Turkish

Dr. Lama Hassan Abu Assi​

Dr. Lama Hassan Abu Assi​

Specialist Dermatologist Speaks English & Arabic

Dr. Sameh Talaat

Dr. Sameh Talaat​​​

Specialist Orthodontist
Speaks English, German & Arabic


We are open everyday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM

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